HMWL 42 – Djuma Soundsystem (Get Physical / Soundz)

HMWL 42 Djuma Soundsystem (Get Physical / SOUNDZ) by House Music With Love

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Track list

Creep – Days (Soul Clap remix) (Young turks)
Djuma Soundsystem & Kolombo – Djumbalombo (unreleased)
Def Jaguar – Chick 1 (Djuma Soundsystem remix) (IO)
Djuma Soundsystem & diskJokke – Maneter (This is)
Djuma Soundsystem – Menage a moi (Get Physical)
Umek – Profile lost (Djuma Soundsystem remix) (SOUNDZ)
Djuma Soundsystem – Blizzard (Martin Landsky remix) (SOUNDZ)
King Britt ft Ursula Rucker – Supernatural (Hardfloor remix) (SOUNDZ)
Tony Senghore – Trojan (X-press 2’s two pitch mix)
Jeff Benett – The Riddle (SOUNDZ)
Djuma Soundsystem – Blizzard (SOUNDZ)
Björn Berglund feat Krister Linder – The essence (Jesper Dahlbeck remix) (SOUNDZ)
Djuma Soundsystem – Stoli (SOUNDZ)
Djuma Soundsystem – Stoli (Tiger Stripes) (SOUNDZ)

Podcast 42 is by Denmark’s severely sued house mogul. No one has by now managed to miss the story about Djuma Soundsystem being sued a wopping €100 000 for sampling Atilla Engin on Les Djinns. HMWL collects microdonations to get Mr Skulstad a better attourney (use the flattr button below).


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While Dj Svensker co-kicks a massive fund rasing party in Copenhagen this saturday (the 5th) with Flip, Rosa Lux and many more.

Djuma Støttfest – 5e november

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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