HMWL 33 – El_Txef_A (Fiakun / Hypecolour)

HMWL 33 – El_Txef_A

HMWL 33 – El Txef A (Fiakun / Hypercolour) by House Music With Love

Every country, big or small should have a Dj hero of it’s own.  Basque country might be percieved as minor part of Spain by some people. For others it’s an independent country, with rich history, great culinary heritage, supreme surfing and epic underground music culture.

Aitor Etxebarria mosty recognized as El_Txef_A mixes a sweet, pop-influenced house podcast for HMWL, working the vocals without making it sound cheesy or commercial at all.

Enjoying a number of top releases in the past – She Kissed Me First on Hypercolour being the most noteworthy Aitor is now the label boss of Bilbao/Gernika based Fiakun Records.

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