FUNERALS are here – Marae EP

Some people say that modern dance music is no longer evolving. It’s only repeating itself. The same samples being tweaked and rearranged. Same patterns all over again.  People saying that haven’t been to Columbus, Ohio. Casey Immel-Brown and Mollie Wells are married. They share a life. To the same extent they share a studio. But according to themselves That means nothing.

The truth is industrial drum machines. The deep techno bass line. The dreamy synthesisers and mesmerizing vocals. Layered, side-chained and mixed into an underwater perfection. Marae EP is here. It’s nothing like I ever heard before. Dark. Beautiful. Midnight Techno for the wicked.

Funerals might be the next thing. Whatever the next thing means to you. As long as they stay true to their sound and don’t get too entangled in their underwater synthesiser-sequenced perfection. After all, under the sea surface you can only breath music.




[audio:|titles=Funerals – AITU (LQD Live Edit)] Funerals – AITU (LQD Live Edit) (192)

[audio:|titles=Funerals – Out There] Funerals – Out There (192)

Stay above the surface!


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