dreamAwaken- Tech Leaf EP

This week we have an EP promo by dreamAwaken on Swedish label Degrain Records featuring the track “Tech Leaf”.  “Tech Leaf” is a spaced-out treat with all the elements of a minimal track but, has enough groove & originality to assert its place against any style of house music.  The rolling bass and “in your face” synth riffs give it enough energy and pump for dance floors of all sizes.  “Sen Carne” is the other track on the EP which is more in the traditional lines of minimal style and is a stripped down track but, still groovy nonetheless.

[audio:http://www.hmwl.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Tech-Leaf.mp3|titles=Tech Leaf]

dreamAwaken is a project conceived by a Malmö, Sweden resident which focuses on transmitting original ideas and feelings through music without adhering to any particular style.  The former London resident brings engineering and nightlife expertise to all the dreamAwaken releases and live DJ sets.

This is an exceptional EP release and should fair well as a standout in the electronic pool of styles and trends.  Out on November 11th.

[audio:http://www.hmwl.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Sen-Carne.mp3|titles=Sen Carne]


by Raven Homme of House Music With Love

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