DARKSIDE (Nicolas Jaar + Dave Harrington) [December on Clown & Sunset]

Darkside is a newly baked project of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. Dave is making his first appearance on the blues guitar about half way into A1. If you listen closely. There is lot more of it on the A2

DARKSIDE – A1 by Clown & Sunset

Deep, keep on the grass, house feeling by Nico is present throughout the whole EP. Even deeper and slower than his usual Wolf+Lamb stuff. What I love about Niclas Jaar production is his ability to break the patterns – bringing in new elements in the “wrong places”, like sometimes changing the drum programming in the middle of the bar or muting a vocal for six and a half beats. Plus his long “I need more absynth” breaks in the middle of the track that makes the return of kick-drum feel like a gift from god. Literally.
DARKSIDE – A2 by Clown & Sunset

I would love to see Darkside live in a smoky, basement jazz club in San Sebastian. Where the first thing you can see, before your eyes adjust to the darkness, is a pair of green eyes of the cat lying on the piano.
DARKSIDE – A3 by Clown & Sunset


P.S. We had to create a new post category called Blues. Just for this EP.

by Dj Skyjacker of House Music With Love

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