Cut Copy – Zonoscope (Out February the 5th)

01 Need You Now
02 Take Me Over
03 Where I’m Going
05 Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution
06 Strange Nostalgia For The Future
07 This Is All We’ve Got
08 Alisa
09 Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10 Corner Of The Sky
11 Sun God 128 kbps

Pick your favourite sounds ever created by U2, Mike Snow, Pink Floyd and The Ark. Add  some cosmic synthesisers and lot’s of percussion. Xylophones. Some 303s in the background. Some Vintage Disco.  A Woodstock guitar. A reggea track. A Synth pop track. A Comsic disco track. A 15 minutes long alternative experiment. You’ve got Cut Copy.

Cut Copy is back and they are back in style. The bands 3rd Studio Album hits the stores on february the 5th. It’s 60s flower power revolution all over again. It’s Mike Snow on ecstasy. The Doors reborn in new modern, digital form? Maybe.

No. This is not house, nor techno nor electro. But trust us on this one – there will be loads and loads of remixes to come. Buckets of official ones and tanks of unofficial ones. In all styles from dark dub-step, to french electro, to ethnic witch house. Ed banger will be remixing this album. Sebastien Tellier as well. Aeroplane, for sure. Carl Craig? Underworld? Sasha? Jesper Dahlbäck? The club kids will be dancing. That’s our guesses. What are yours?

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