Shakarchi & Straneus, two best friends in Gothenburg follow up their first release on Malmö based Geography Records, with a five track EP on Studio Barnhus and distinctively prove they got the real groove!

The first track Mogadishu, named after the capital city of Somalia is sun drenched and warm, radiating the infallible emotion of pure, innocent joy. The irrepressible Chicago-house feeling in the happy piano rhodes supported by the steady kick and catchy claps form an overall pleasant tech-house affair. Nostalgic, yet modern and very lively!

Clinton Hill is a soul feverish track that hangs on to the funky tech vibe in Mogadishu.
The build up of fresh french background filters is followed by the playful and lead synth, looping over and again over the  retro-funky guitar riffs and drums. A relaxed track, perfectly fitted for a teaser on the dance floor…

Liseberg, the third track, takes on the trippy journey into the magic lands of any (optional) recreational psyhedelic substance. Somewhere in the land of magic wonders you will find yourself skipping over fields of flowers in the dark night without being scared at all.Not even the distant sounds of an owl would creep you out in this welcoming sound scape!

In Who Killed Captain Alex, Shakarchi & Straneus affection for the joyful synth melodies is given room again.
Backed by spooky background chorus, the neat little synth melody is given free playing room and whirls around carefree and unresisting.

It’s Vinter Welcome To Sverige holds elements of dub step material and is perfectly suited for the ending ceremony.

The Shakarchi & Straneus “Dödskallar och Korallrev” (buy 12″ here) is a well-executed EP. Quality tracks! just really good music, thumbs up!!!


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