Cassio – Baby Love (Muzique Tropique’s love the bass remix), Glasgow Underground 1998

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I cant claim myself a huge vocal fan but when a vocal sticks out there is little that beats it. You need that magic touch that the for ever wailing “soul divas” just can’t provide. Cassio James Vincent Ware II (suck on the one for a name ;)) released a track called “Baby Love” back in 1992 but it didn’t quite get real until 1998 when a rework called “Muzique Tropique’s love the bass remix” was picked up by the ever so reliable label Glasgow Underground. Let’s not forget the bass line here, this bass  will never leave you once you have seen a floor move to it, hell, it’s enough to just hear it once and you will know that this is magic.

Cassio – Baby Love (Muzique Tropique’s love the bass remix) , Glasgow Underground 1998

by Bowyer Hawks of LAW recordings

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