Blaze Feat. Palmer Brown – My Beat, 3 way music 2001


With its skippy style backbeat, this one may be a little tricky to sync at first, (manually on vinyl that is) but rehearsing it a few times is well worth it because this is the killer of spiritual afro funk feel! It was originally released on slip n Slide back in 1998 but I have the 3 way music version. Blaze as a group is pretty much the origins of what is referred to as “Gospel House”. It was formed by Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge, and Chris Herbert in New Jersey in 1984. They all met in a gospel choir where they got the bright idea to do house music and has since then produced and remixed several hundreds of releases. Here teamed up with Palmer Brown you really get the essence of what they are about. Classy, funky and beautiful as only … can be.

by Bowyer Hawks of LAW recordings

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