Alex Caytas & Aleks Patz – El Mendigo

[Caramella11 ]Alex Caytas & Aleks Patz – El Mendigo

01 – el mendigo (original mix)

02 – el mendigo (hermanez remix)

03 – el mendigo (pol_on remix)

04 – El Mendigo (Alternative Mix)

Long time HMWL friends Caytas & Patz sent us their latest offering. This time it’s a digital release on UGHL’s label Caramella.

The original cut is a techy tribal affair with insistent purcussion clearly ment solely for the floor. It’s tracky and tooly with a sunny vibe bringing labels like Cadenza to mind. Hermanez remix brings the techhouse bounce of the track to the front and ads another layer of effects as well as some more dept.

Pol_on makes the track slightly darker and deeper with a lot of reverb and delay. While cowbells rattle back and forth continuous stabs keep up the propulsion of the track.

The true standout  here is the alternative mix, a more chilled out vibe and an example of the deephouse route a lot of the contemporary tech-house producers have gone. It sound a little like something you would hear alongside releases from 8bit or Suara Showroom and it seems to fit more nicely alongside their recent releases on Einmaleins, OFF and Plastic City.


Available for purchase: 14th January 2011

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