Summer of Dub

We are enjoying the Swedish summer. Meanwhile our promo box is enjoying some dubby house tunes that would make any summer twice the pleasure.

First out is a recent promo drop from Nude Photo Music. Two Trains Running build around smudged out vocals and such a thick, rolling bass that will make your teeth vibrate when played on a big system.  This is a perfect morning track.

Audioelectronic – Two Trains Running (Original Mix)

Make sure to check out the remixes. The EP will hit the stores on July the 14th.

Second out is a tune I’ve been playing for a few months. And now it finally got released. Our main man Iron Horse over at Pawn Shop Recordings made it as a total rework (rather then a remix) for the Stockholm based imprint Funk Noir. And what a rework it.

Iron Horse remix sounds nothing like the original. The original vocals are stripped down to a sheer, hypnotic “Jah-jah-jeeh”. And the percussion groove is to die for.  It’s like riding the boat down the Amazonas river on a slow but steady current that medvetet rocks you back n’ forward for 6 minutes 36 seconds. Then – Repeat.

Jacques C and Alkatraz – Fame’s Way (Iron Horse Remix)

Get the Fame’s Way EP

Stay on the grass!


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