Spotify revisited

As Mr. Alex Skyjacker pointed out last week, Spotify have a relatively meager selection of house and techno music compared to other genres of music. Well, most house and techno labels must be considered minor, perhaps even indie. The larger ones, such as Bedrock, Renaissance etc. are there, but they’re few. Some larger labels, e.g. Warp Records, have chosen to be excluded from the Spotify database, probably due to loss of income. There is nothing we can do about these things, except for writing angry emails to labels and Spotify to include more music, which we all love; emails which will be forwarded directly to a very large and very full trashcan (we are many! power to the people!) of the recipient.

So where am I getting with this? Good question. I almost forgot. What I really want to say, is that HMWL have three official Spotify playlists. They are not intended to include the latest and hottest club music; rather, they should include the best of electronic music on Spotify. This is not a joint operation of HMWL, they are managed by me, and me alone. I am the lone Emperor, the oppressor of ears and fascist of music. I rarely accept suggestions of improvement. I add tracks when I feel like it. This is how cocky I am today. Tomorrow, you can suggest tracks to be included. Probably with success. I am seldom cocky.

Well, here they are! One is directed towards an energetic selections, one leans towards mellow grooves and one is strictly mega relaxing. I trust you to figure which is which. Like I said. Mucho cocky. Just click the links below and be happy forever.

Officially Sweet Electronics
Rampaging Electronic Music
Super Drone


Ps. This only works if you have Spotify installed. Spotify will only work in some countries. See for more info. Ds.

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