Soundcloud Sweep (Trigony, Jt Donaldson, Edgar Ariza, Aaron Kalahann, Tangram)

Some say Soundcloud is full of good for nothing 2 minute short, low quality previews. On the contrary, it’s also full of great bootleg, dj-sets and full quality tracks for your downloading pleasure. The trick is to take your time searching…

We do recieve some real “soundcloud treasures” once in a while, both through our dropbox and from all the good folks we follow. Here are five full quality tracks to enjoy or/and use in your DJ-sets. All tracks are downloadable for your listening pleasure. Just please, drop a line or two to the producers below.

Fist out a deep story told by none other by Jt Donaldson of the OM Records Tribe. Definitely a more striped down and slower sound compared to the usual production of Mr Soulful. About 2 Change goes straight down into my Tools box.

About 2 Change by JT Donaldson

Second out is a proper “the way we used to do it” soulful house track by Aaron Kalahann. Huge big ups to the percussion programming. Officially out november the 5th on Arttrack Music.

Aaron Kalahann feat Yanna – One way ( Soon traxsource Release date: Nov 5, 2010 ) by Aaronkalahann

Third – a funky, playful, summer times tune by Trigony, Noodles is one of those tracks you’ll love more for every play count. It’ an experimental yet though-trough piece of work that will put a smile on my face in the same way as Lilly from the Vally or Beirut Disco.

Noodles (Mastered by Quiet Fish) by Trigoney

Fourth spot – our own Skanian homeboy Edgar Ariza tries out his tech-house production skills. Not bad at all for the first production round.

Edgar Ariza – Pholidies (Original Mix) by EdgarArizaMusic

Finally something completely different by Tangaram. This is a ambient tune for midnight swimming in the Indian Ocean. You’ll just have to keep this one to your next hangover Sunday.

Sol y Mar by Tangram

Happy weekend!


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