Snake Sedrick interview

Snake Sedrick is a busy and very experienced man! He’s been producing top notch progressive house in his studio in Hungary since the age of fast tracker (good times!), as well as running both both record labels Tilth Music and Tilth Music Limited and the DJ booking agency Tilth DJ Agency which rosters Add2basket and Jay Lumen among others. Luckily, HMWL got a chance to talk both music and business with the good man, over a cup of coffee (i.e. Jonas was drinking coffee while mailing).

HMWL:  You produce some of the most captivating progressive grooves available, gorgeously moody and thick. How do you do it?
Snake Sedrick: Well, its really nice to hear. Glad you like it! But tell you the truth, i am trying to change my style. I did progressive house for long long years, but the last 1.5 -2 years is different. I turning more to Tech house, i try to follow the trends a little bit. I have a big secret, i started another project beside „Snake Sedrick” but i cant tell you, what is the name of this project, maybe later. But its already really successful!

HMWL: How and when did you start making progressive house music?
Snake: Ugh, i started 14 years before. Around 1995-96. First i just simple listened and love this music, later i get a computer from my Daddy, and i started to produce music. It was a hard period of my life because there wasnt so great softwares like these days… 
These days much easier to make quality music like 10-14 years before.

HMWL: You are one of the main braines of the successful Tilth Music (both a record label and DJ’s agency), which rosters a lot of greatness. Could you tell us a bit about that? How did you start with the administrative side in house music?
Snake: Of course. Tilth Music and Tilth Music limited are my labels. Tilth Music is mostly for progressive and melodic sound, but it changed a bit now. Tilth Music limited is for tech house, and groovie stuff. I am focusing more now on Tilth Music limited, a lot great music will come out this year. Tilth dj’s agency is another thing. Its our management for bookings. I am one of the artists beside Jay Lumen & Add 2 Basket, and Peter is our agent actually. We had a lot of bookings in the past 2 years. I played 13 countries in 2 years. But we can make it better and better.

HMWL: I’ve heard great stuff about the scene in Hungary, but never had the chance to go there myself. I’m curious, could you tell us a bit about the progressive house scene in Hungary?
Snake: Well, its sad to tell but its not that strong actually. The economic crisis is strong here… and sadly it killed some good clubs and events. Of course we still have nice places for underground music but not that much. Hungary is a really small country, we have 7-8 big clubs and lot of small clubs too. We have big festivals in the summer, what are really crowded, people come from abroad to visit these festivals. We have some nice website for the underground music which is great thing! They make articles, interveiws, and share mixes… its very important!

HMWL: Name your top 5 tracks at the moment.
Snake: Its hard to say J Let me tell you some of my favourite artists, Coyu, Edu Imbernon, Vick Echo, Jay Lumen, Ramon Tapia, Oliver Klein, Nikitin & Semikashev ect ect.

HMWL: When playing in a club, do you prefer to play a live or a DJ set?
Actually i play on cdj’s. But i think ableton set is much interesting and there is lot of more function to make a set more interesting. Shortly i will play live too.

HMWL: Any wise words for all house youngsters out there?
Snake: The quality is much important like the quantity!

HMWL: Thanks a lot! Been a pleasure!
Snake: Thanks too 😉

Snake was also kind enough to share a brilliant and absolutely stunning tech house set with us. Enjoy!

/Jonas (Ridge)

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