Sami Saari – Backlash Remixed

It’s tech-house time. Finnish wiz-kid Sami Saari get’s his Backlash track dusted off and re-worked by one massive remix panel. Özgur Can remix is a minimalistic autopilot trip down the techno lane, living you hypnotized and asking for more. Sami’s own Revival remix might work like magic at a huge festival but is not quite my cup of tea. Paul Easy remix is the one that makes me go bang – the build up throughout the first half of the track is amazing! hell yeah! Finally Marcus Almen remix might at first leave you feeling a bit schizophrenic but is a completely funky tune once you listen to it a couple of times around.

Sami Saari – Backlash Remixed

Sami Saari – Backlash (Özgür Can Remix)
Sami Saari – Backlash (Sami Saari Revival Mix)
Sami Saari – Backlash (Paul Easy Remix)
Sami Saari – Backlash (Marcus Almen Remix)

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