Poussez – Modern Identity

Jafar & Maxime Cescau are the two blokes in charge of the numinous Artizan Music. Normally watching over guys like Demarkus Lewis, Rich Medina, Spieltape, Blacksoul and Luke Sawyer. But occasionally releasing a track or two of their own.

Poussez – Spawn
Poussez – Modern Identity

Their latest EP titled Modern Identity consists of two breathtaking tunes. Spawn – a deep, modern disco story, with tribal percussion and a strong resemblance of Tokyo Black Star production style. And an even deeper, self titled side.

Modern Identity is voted tune of the Month by International Dj Magazine. As always we prefer to ignore the hype, but in this case can nothing but agree.

The spoken word on Modern Identity is sampled from the politician / actor Aaron Russo and was originally featured in the 2007 conspiracy theory movie Zeitgeist. Aaron quotes Nicholas Rockefeller explaining how the world’s wealthiest people are controlling the media in order to strategically gain control over the planets nature resources like oil and gas.

-” You know they’ve created Federal Reserve in 1913 through lies, they’ve created 9/11 which is another lie, through 9/11 you’re then fighting the war on terror and afterwards you’re going to Iraq which was another lie. and then they gonna do Iran. And it’s all one thing leading to another, leading to another, leading to another.”

The Zeitgeist movie itself argues against the authenticity of the Christian Bible and furthermore proclaims the entire 9/11 terrorist attack being planned by US government in order to create mass fear and justify the forthcoming War on Terror.

Feel like watching the whole movie? It kind of scary at certain points and kind of lacking logic at others. Here you go: Zeitgeist The Movie.

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