Pleasurekraft – Tarantula

Swedish Valborg is here, marking the end of the winters dynasty and gently inviting the summer with all it’s sunshine, love making, easy living and last but not least, all it’s festivals. Tarantula will definitely be one of the most played tunes during the summer of 2010, at least, at all the wicked festivals like Fusion, Stella Polaris, Secret Island Nation, Awakenings and Burning Man.

Starting like something straight out of a progressive set by Sasha, the Uner remix suddenly metamorphoses into a striped down tribal groove and a characteristic hook that instantly sticks to your membrane.

Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Orignal Mix)
Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Higo Remix)
Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Uner-Remix)
Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Io Remix)

Tarantula is released today already getting full support from Sasha & John Digweed, Anja Schneider, Danny Howells, Layo & Bushwacka to name a few.

Get your wax at Decks – the mp3 version will be available on Beatport soon enough.

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