Janko is an artist pseudonym for Salento born Italian by the name of Giancarlo D’Elia. Like many others he emerged on the journey into electronic music by starting as a DJ and club promoter already back in 1999.

In early 2000s he grabbed his best friend Gabriele Carallo and moved to Milan where they later started the KSD Records label.

KSD is a typically experimental project, with Janko and Gab always looking for new samples, sounds and techniques for producing music.  During their live performance sets you’ll find two laptops, keyboards, synthesizers and other kinds of effects on the stage. The music during the live show, is a continuous hike through different kind of contamination from deep to minimal, from house to techno, from electro to break beat.

Janko feat. Lily – Jumbo (Original Mix)

Janko _ G@bb – Grand Home Robbery

Massive Live Set:

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