Introducing Cloud Study

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Soundcloud is a vast place with more tracks than the stars in the known universe. Both good and bad tracks. With 1 000 000 users it’s getting harder by day to find the music that rubs just the right way. Sometimes you discover the gem though. You give it another listen it sounds even better the second and the third time around. You check the rest of the users productions and realise that this is just the music you’ve been looking for for the last three months.

Cloud Study are to young fellows from Southern Sweden that packed some clothes and a pair of sneakers each and moved to Berlin to feel the night life and to inhale the city’s creative energy. And of course, to get down with it in the studio.

Scooping up the influences as well as samples from the 70s disco (read Larry Levan, Salsoul Orchestra, Walter Gibbons etc) and putting it all together in Ableton. Cloudstudy creates that ambient electronica with just the right amount of groove and beats to keep you dancing through the sunny Sunday afternoon. The four tracks bellow are full quality but limited to 100 downloads each. Enjoy the sun. And the Cloudstudy.

Havana by Cloud Study

On the Wire by Cloud Study

Low Tide by Cloud Study

Listen to the Music by Cloud Study

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