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I am so excited! I have longed for so long to present one of the most exciting artists of this past and present decade: Henry Saiz. This Spanish matador popped up from practically nowhere with a remix for Global Underground and was later handpicked by John Digweed to remix his epic ‘Gridlock’. He has within just a couple of years from his entrance to the scene released on Renaissance, Global Underground, Bedrock, Ultra, Hope etc. I don’t blame the label directors; this guy does magic tricks. I have never heard such an innovation and development within tracks – the tracks just keeps evolving to epic-ness, allowing for numerous listenings. I practically never get tired of his tracks. Henry runs a pseudo-monthly radio show on Proton, which is also served as a Podcast, and is always phenomenal!  He also runs the label Natura Sonoris with Cora Novoa, focusing on organic and moody melodies. This is one of those artists I keep a really close eye on. Fortunately for us all, he took some spare time for answering a few questions.

HMWL: You have a distinctive sound, very unique and captivating. How did you develop it?
Henry Saiz: Thanks so much. Well, it´s hard to explain i think. This is just about getting the technical skills to develop something you really like and that defines you. This is the goal i wanted to achieve when starting doing electronic music, i didn´t want to release anything that sounds mediocre to me, so you have to work hard and know your tools enough to get the results you want with your music if you want to create a personal style.

When I listen to your tracks, I get a sense of an artist who wanna tell a story, that just doesn’t mirror the track around the main breakdown with an additional hi-hat, like many do. In other words, your arrangement is truly marvelous, and it keeps your tracks very intriguing. Is it a conscious choice of yours or more of an unconscious process?
Again thanks so much. I think you have define it perfectly, i love the power of the music to tell a story, to take the listener to another place, to escape reallity, this is why my music it´s so over-produced. My aim it´s to create spaces and kind of virtual places where you can get lost. Seems like lot of people can feel that, wich makes me really happy. And regarding the arrangements, yes, i always try to create an intense listening experience by using lot of details and arrangements, for me the “less is more” rule doesnt work hehe.
Would you please guide us through the general process of making a track. What gear/programs do you use?
Mainly Ableton and some reason via rewire. Sometimes i make the final mix with Nuendo but now ableton sounds better so i use to finish the tracks with ableton. I use several hardware synths, access virus most of the time and loads of software synths and fxs from free weird russian softsynths to native instruments reaktor, etc….
When and why did you start making music?
When  i was 14 i started playing several instruments and playing with bands, then i started making electronic music, the reason why is because is something that i just need, something i use to express myself.
Renaissance is considered to be the number one record label in progressive house music and melodic techno alongside Bedrock – record labels where you continuously release those beautiful EP’s and remixes of yours.

Could you tell us a bit about your path to the top labels?

In my case they came to me, wich is great, i hate the demo sending process and actually i never sent them any track, so was a nice surprise.
And regarding Bedrock, for me it´s so easy to work with John, we understand each other quite well, so definitely we are going to work together on new things this year.
When performing in a club, do you prefer to do a live performance or a DJ set? Any magic tricks up your sleeve?
It depends on the party, sometimes i prefer to do a dj set but maybe the audience just want to listen to my tracks because it´s the first time im playing there, so it really depends on the gig. It´s great to play just your stuff and see how people know every track, etc, but sometimes i prefer to build up something longer with a 3/4 hours dj set, definitely i enjoy both things.
What’s gonna happen in 2010 for Henry Saiz?
Lot of things for sure! The next it´s the rmxs of “they came from the light” by Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J and Jesse Somfay out on Natura Sonoris, im finishing a new ep for renaissance too out after winter conference and definitely want to release something bigger this year, maybe my first Lp.
Here is a video of him and his fellow co-label-director Cora Novoa performing at Industrial Copera in Granada and Fabrik in Madrid.

Natura Sonoris Showcase: Henry Saiz & Cora Novoa from Natura Sonoris on Vimeo.

Here is one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Madre Noche by Henry Saiz

Check more of his brilliant stuff out at:
/Jonas (Ridge F.)

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