Hardfloor 8th studio album – Two Guys, Three Boxes (Guest review by Dj Bacid)

Artist: Hardfloor
Album: Two Guys, Three Boxes
Label: Hardfloor records
Release date: 5th november 2010

Hardfloor – In Acid We Trust

If I was a box, I would like to be a Roland TB 303. If I was such a twisted wicked box, I would like to have twisted wicked owners, like Hardfloor. And If I was owned by Hardfloor, oh what joy, touring and being put to use in such wondrous and wonderful ways!

Hardfloor, the German duo who are one of the iconic items of electronic music alongside biggies like Richie Hawtin or Josh Wink, are one mesmerizing duo. Rarely any other electronic musicians have been able to preserve, explore and develop such a distinctly unique sound, as has Hardfloor. It suffices with 3 seconds into their new full-length album, Two Guys Three Boxes, to recognize who is behind this 8th wonder of the world that is grooving my loudspeakers as we speak. Being their 8th album, nearly 18 years after “Hardtrance Asperience EP” and having a long journey around the world behind them both musically and personally, it is rare to experience the same wicked, groovy, soulful and dance floor energetic vibe as they had in their 20´s, but having fun and keeping a certain humorous distance to their image and the scene. And really, acid is all about having fun. Acid house music that is, which originated in the late 80´s in Chicago when Roland TB 303 (not a drum machine originally, more a tool for guitar players) was discovered to contain infinitely wicked and fun sounds, called acid.

Oliver Bondzio, one half of the Hardfloor, then took the silverbox as the TB 303 also is called hence the name of the album, to his heart, bed and kitchen, and nurtured it for some three years as the rumours goes. He then found Ramon Zenker, and together they created one of the most legendary techniques for an electronic song in their Asperience. Buildups, breaks, drum rolls, swirling melodies, kicks, hi-hats…you name it, they got it by the double. It is said that up to 6 TB 303s were used at once, and since these little silverboxes are not soooo easy to control and program, it will give you an idea of the diverse and massive inner universe of these guys. One TB 303 has the force of converting a song into a legend, add five more and you are in heaven with the Greek Gods gazing upon Buddhas Nirvana.

What has been characteristic of Hardfloor is their will to re-innovate, but still being true to their sounds and origins, strongly presented also in their new album. The name of the tracks might reveal it all to you, such as “One flew over the Silverbox”, “In Acid We Trust”, “TB or not TB” and “Mesmerizing Liquids”. You just can´t stay immune to a smile reading this, being an acid house freak helps but is of no greater importance as the music always speaks for itself. As Hendrix could command his guitars to sing, weep, laugh and dance, so does Hardfloor with the silverboxes, all delivered with DJ friendly bass, break and hits. The collaboration with the Texan Gerald Hanson aka Convextion has resulted in two electro-based songs which also is a nod to the Hardfloor side project Dadamnphreaknoizephunk which is more subtle and ambient-oriented. Having remixed New Order´s Blue Monday and Mory Kante´s Yeke Yeke among others, and a busy touring schedule, rendered some to think of Hardfloor as being sold out as so many other legends from the 90´s underground. Hardfloor replied with “Hardfloor will survive” which was done together with Acid pioneers Phuture, but the best answer yet to this yearlong afterparty topic is contained in this album.

As clearly as there can only be one Jimi Hendrix, similarly there can only be one Hardfloor. Having listened through the tracks (with some breaks for dancing, shouting, calling friends and leaving snippets on their answering machines), I end up with the last track, Heavy Wire. Only this track is worth buying the whole album for, and is direct nod back to their formidable release in 1993 “TB Resuscitation”. Two guys, three boxes, nuff said!


1.Two Guys Three Boxes
2.One Flew Over The Silverbox
3.Mesmerizing Liquids
4.4th Dimension of the 5th Ward
5.Silver Submarine
6. In Acid We Trust
7. F.U.B.A.R
8.You Know The Score
9.TB Or Not TB
10.The Return Of The Analog Multichrist
11.Heavy On Wire  (CD Bonus Track)        7:37



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