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Guy J is one of those magic artists, who has no upper limit on the impact and production quality of their tracks. They are very few, and Guy J is most certainly one of them. The demand of his productions has increased exponentially over time; after releasing a string of killer singles, Guy J released his first full-lengther ‘Esperanza’ on John Digweed’s legendary Bedrock Records in 2008, which took the progressive house, and techno, communities with storm. Not strange, as ‘Esperanza’ has an absolutely stunningly beautiful and warm sound, yet powerful, and new details is discovered each time you listen. The tracks thus please both a dancefloor crowd, as well as a couch listener. Guy J is currently touring the world. HMWL met up with him electronically a week ago.

HMWL: You have a very warm and unique sound, with an aura of freshness. How was your sound developed?
Guy J: I started producing very early and it took me time to find my sound, I’m still developing it . I used to do in the beginning lots and lots of trax with totaly different sound and by time it all went to one direction.

HMWL: When performing in a club, would you prefer DJ:ing or doing a live set? Any magic tricks up your sleeve when performing?
Guy J: I play mostly with Ableton it’s not a live set yet , it’s on the border of calling it a live set. I enjoy both sometimes I miss cd’s. It’s not like playing with Vinyls but have different feeling from using a computer.

HMWL: You’re in the roster of the legendary Bedrock record label. How do you feel about releasing your first full-length album there?
Guy J: It was big achievement for me to have my album in Bedrock Records. It’s a label that I used to admire for a  long time and to have my name there between  some great artists it’s a magic.

HMWL: You?ve spun the world?what has been the best club you?ve played at ever?
Guy J: There is a lot of great clubs but ill pick one is “Pacha” Buenos aires , can’t wait to go back.

HMWL: What is next for Guy J in 2010?
Guy J: My second album for Bedrock is in progress , and finished some remixes for Jori Hulkkonen , for Sahar Z & GuyMantzur and for Faith Rec., all should come out very soon

HMWL: Thanks a lot, Guy, been a pleasure.

Esperanza (Album Version) by Guy J

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