Fet & Moi – Paris is for lovers

Via Kevin Thom

Whether you consider Justin Timberlake a modern sex symbol or a cheesy pop-idol aspirant is really up to you.  In this case it’s not important. What’s important is how well his original vocals are blended into the acid baseline and those addicting space synthesisers in this hypnotic semi-lounge cut.

Fet et Moi – Paris Is For Lovers

A perfect example on how commercial origins can be used to create music so familiar yet totally new. Obviously only released as a limited white label 12″ since you’d probably have to sell your soul to the devil before getting a legal permission to use Justin’s vocals for a proper digital release.

Like it? You might wanna grab one of the few last copies of the original wax including the Dub mix at Decks

Have a laidback monday dispite the ugly weather!


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