Fantastic Floor & Aril Brikha

Hey boys & girls!

I have this excellent track, which I wanna make sure you’ve heard. It’s a melodic deamon from Fantastic Floor, in which myself happen to be a proud member. The other guy being Kilian Müller. We’ve been at it since around 2000, when we made psytrance and goa under the pseudonym ‘Cloned Civilization’. A few years ago we started fiddling around with some slower grooves and nice melodies. Here is a track called ‘In Reverse’ released on Why Not Records, ran by Add2Basket and the guys from Fine Taste. Enjoy!

Fantastic Floor – In Reverse (Original Mix) by Fantastic Floor

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NB! EPIC ALERT in Stockholm today. No, I’m not talking about the royal wedding. That is completely uninteresting compared to Fabriken, where Aril Brikha (Kompakt, Transmat) will be performing alongside Jesper E-Spark, Ole Lysholdt, Johannes Drakenberg ( and more. HMWL is also represented in the lineup with Jonas Mortin.

If you can’t come to Stockholm, don’t worry.There will be an audio/video-stream up and running from around 22 to 03 (ECT) at

Don’t miss something extraordinare – don’t miss Fabriken tonight. More info on!/event.php?eid=134803649865131&ref=ts


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