Epic tracks wanted

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Let’s be honest. No more than 10% of all tracks released in a given genre is even close to good. A lot less is really good, maybe 2% or so. 0.5% is awesome. Basically, as a random connoisseur, to find an awesome track I have to listen to 180 crappy, 16 good and 4 really good tracks first.

Then there are the true genious tracks! Those which stick with you for months, appear in your dreams and make you happy no matter what. They can be no more than one in ten or hundred thousand. I can think of nothing sadder than to be deprived of the possibility of listening to these tracks in high quality. Well, I have two of these tracks for you today. My absolute gems. They can go on repeat for hours without resistance. And i just cannot find them in high quality (320 kbps or uncompressed). So today I ask you, dear fellow music lovers for assistance in finding these gorgeous tunes. I don’t care what they cost – I pay.

1) Epsilon 9 – Lifeformation (Infernal Machine Remix): First heard in Holden’s masterpiece mix set Balance 005 in 2003. I must have listened to it thousands of times.

2) Mat Playford & Tim Deluxe – Back 2 The Rocket (Don’t bomb the Moon Mix): Sasha spinned this masterpiece for a good 6 months. I don’t even think it is released (I could be wrong though). Damn shame!

Please help!
/Jonas (Ridge)

About Alex Esser:

DJ, surfer and entrepreneur residing in Malmö, Sweden. HMWL label daddy. My music network is always open. Holler at alex@hmwl.org

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