David Ekenbäck – Breath

Dj Nibc is one of those Swedish dudes who got fed up with the nordic winters, sold his furniture and moved to Berlin. Actually it seems like everyone cool we know in Sweden are slowly migrating to the German techno mecca lately.

Once in Berlin, Nibc kickstarted Trunkfunk Records –  your local provider of quality techhouse , but also, at times, urban beats and electro. The label has been pushing out wax with guys and girls like Stuffa, Tyken, Dj Nibc, David Ekenbäck, La Fleur, Style of Eye and John Dahlbäck on steady basis since 2006.

Trunkfunk latest release is a long awaited return of David Ekenbäck. The EP includs a bunch of quality remixes by Nibc himself, La Vida Locash crew, Jamie Anderson and last, but not least, the west-coast masters of melodrama Shakarchi & Straneus.

Lux, Flores and Werden (La vida Locash crew) remix will get you grooving far beyond the afterhours. The intro drum programming reminds an awful lot of one of my favourite tracks Kris B – Yes We Dub. Doesn’t it?

David Ekenbäck – Breathe (Jamie Anderson Remix)
David Ekenbäck – Breathe (Jamie Anderson Dub)
David Ekenbäck -Breathe (Lux_Wedren_Flores Remix)
David Ekenbäck – Breathe (DJ Nibc Remix)
David Ekenbäck – Breathe (Shakarchi & Straneus Remix)

Get the whole EP here tomorrow.

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