Carlo Lio & The Junkies – Swiss Doin’

The second Ep from the new Noir collection Darkstar Stars vol. 4 contatins our favorite tune of the bunch.

A lot of the Noir tracks can be a tad to “cheesy” but this one strikes a good balance between immediate impact and integrity. Clean heavy percussion with a rappid cowbell (triangel?) upping  the percieved energy while the reverb effects and bassline maintains a certain feeling of depth troughout the track. Ad a couple of small breaks and the male vocal snippets scattered along the way and you have solid steppingstone towards peaktime material. It will probably be forgotten within a year, but who cares? It’s hot right now!

[NMC006B] various – dark stars volume 4

a1 – pirupa – new choice

a2 – carlo lio & the junkies – swiss doin’

b1 – jay lumen – aha

b2 – pierce & jerl – c’est chic


full release

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