Boxer Recordings – Different (Gui Boratto, Dusty Kid, Paul Nazca)

Paul Nazca – Rimbo Solo

Gui Boratto – Half Life

Boxer– home of Dusty Kid, Paul Nazca, Pig & Dan, Steve Lawler and Audiofly only to name a few of the currently signed artists. After 81 steady releases, Boxer Recordings slows down just a tiny bit only to take a good dig into their favourite artists’ harddrives in search for hidden treasures.

Imagine a chilled ”Cafe del Mar” style album produced by some of the current leaders of electronic dance music. We just dug ourselves a jackpot, since Boxers 82nd release is exactly that and a bit more.

Different is a 2 cd compilation full of laidback downtempo tracks by Gui Boratto, Extrawelt, Florian Meindl, Dusty Kid, Pig & Dan, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on for 22 tracks. From piano interlaced bass that will make your Sennheisers vibrate to oriental dub-step beats, this is your perfect electronica chill for chai consuming autumn nights or long walks in the park. Or both.

Furthermore, some of the dub-step and low-bpm techno might work quite well during the early hours in the club or for those 9 – 12 am warehouse sets. Boxer Recordings deliver something completely great, mesmerizing and different. We really hope that Different will turn into a habit rather then an experiment as we are already looking forward to volume 2. Big Up!

Grab the whole package here on monday the 8th:

Beatport / Boxer Recordings

01 Extrawelt – Yummy
02 Gui Boratto – Halflife
03 Kreidler – Venusia
04 Patrick Chardronnet – Seeing in the dark
05 Goldfish & der Dulz – Grashalm
06 Airbus Modular – Assembly notegram
07 Stephan Hinz – Dry toast & half a grapefruit
08 Matzak feat.&iz – One more day
09 Popof feat.Arno Joey – h2o
10 Van Rivers – Talking to woman

01 Florian Meindl – You are where your thoughts are
02 Paul Nazca – Rimbosolo
03 Fix & Fertig feat. Haito – Romon
04 Pig& Dan& Dean Demanuele – Day to day
05 Khan & Mahmoud – Mystery blues
06 Frank Martiniq – Low and order
07 Markus Lange – Existence
08 Dusty Kid – Nemur (walls of guitars acoustic)
09 Odyzë – no other way
10 Rodriguez jr – ci<ci+1
11 Martin Eyerer – Léon


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