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Hey Guys!

We want to teach you some music jargon today. So that you can namedrop terms like bootlegs, mash-ups and white labels to impress the Dj at that party next weekend.

The term bootleg was shaped back in late 70’s when the first recordable cassette tape was introduced to the market, unleashing the avalanched of illegally sold music material. Bands like Nirvana and Pink Floyd was didn’t see it coming when dozens of their unreleased and yet to be released songs suddenly appeared on cassette tapes swaped by kids all over England and US.

Meanwhile, in today’s electronic production scene a bootleg is a remix made by an artist, no matter big or small who does not have the official legal rights or permission to make the remix. Nerveless these kind of remixes are quite common and usually come out as unofficial bootlegs which end up in the “weaponry of choice” of some selected DJs.

Mashup is something quite similar – a producer taking a bunch of elements from different tracks and putting them together into a new one, sometimes adding remix elements of his own.

White labels are those 12″ vinyls either released for test pressing (5 – 50 copies) och once again, containing bootleg tracks or remixes, i.e. without a cleared permission to use the original tracks, samples, vocals etc…

Enough legal talk, that’s for our friend Dj formerly known as Bacid 😉 Here are some bootleg goodies. We’ve got a melancolic Pryda re-work by Swedish Claes Rosén (a.k.a L-Wiz when it comes to Dubstep). A perfect mash-up tool by another Sweed – the Taped bootleg is the perfect tribal DJ tool to put on top of two other tracks. A low-fi Röyksopp remake. And finally Jay Lumen re-work of the everclassic of the timeless vocals of Nina Simone. Since they’re all bootlegs here they are in full 320 Dj quality. Enjoy.

Pryda – Shadows (Claes Rosen Bootleg)

Jay Lumen Vs Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Vocal Mix)

Royksopp – Tricky Tricky (Questions Remix)

Steve Mac + Noferini + Santos – The Noise Burujava (Taped Bootleg)

Finally a competely different peace of Art. Brittish dub master Sei A takes on the Beatles classic adding a dub-steppish backbeat and some completely trippy elements.

The Beatles – A day in Life (Sei A Bootleg)

Stay Cool!


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