Booka Shade – Regenerate (from the forthcoming album More!)

One of the most important milestones of 2006 was Booka Shade releasing their third studio album – Movements on their own Get Physical label. Inspired by the duos Synthpop roots the full lengther include a bunch of tracks already considered as dancefloor anthems – Mandarine Girl and Body Language alongside the future classics as In White Rooms and Night Falls. Movements was quickly labeled the best electronica album of 2006 and Booka Shades basslines and hypnotic melodies quicky shaped a new turn in the dance music production we had a pleasure to experience during the last few years.

My question is what the fuck happened in 2008? The duos forth studio album – The Sun and the Neon light – sucked big time. Probably due to the classic “Too much sex, drugs and BMWs” syndrome.

At the moment, Arno and Walter are in the studio re-loading their guns in order to fire off their fifth full lengther – More! Let’s hope it’s gonna be a good one. The second pre-released track from the album sounds after all quite promising.

Booka Shade – More! (Get Physical – April 23rd 2010)

01. Havanna Sex Dwarf
02. Donut (Interpretation)
03. Regenerate
04. The Door
05. Teenage Spaceman
06. Divine (feat. Yello)
07. Scaramanga
08. L.A. tely
09. Bad Love (feat. Chelonis R. Jones)
10. No Difference
11. This Is Not Time

Watch out!


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