All in limited 003

This is your Assassinator speaking, shouting out to all of you strict vinyl heads out there! All In Records is this Romanian label releasing old-school sounding records that have some immense feedback from all around the globe. Every other release on all in is called “all in limited” which is only available on vinyl, the first two installments were released without any specific credit or information about who did them, but with some easy myspacing you can find out that you have heard these artist before (I won’t spoil the fun).

Nevertheless, the third installment was announced today and will be available within a couple of days in your favorite vinyl store!

You can check them out here on their myspace page:

NOTE: there is no external player available for me to post here in the blog, the only way to check out these strictly limited tracks is to visit their myspace. Only 300 copies are made for each release (according to their distributor Intergroove).

To listen to the digital releases (which are also available as vinyls, although not even half as good as the limited releases), here is the beatport player:


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