Well, the HMWL-crew is back again to throw yet another house party!
In the warm, fuzzy basement of club RETRO we will drop crystal clear house tracks for you, immediately ravishing the minds of the trained ear!
This time the HMWL-resident dj-duo NECA is teaming up with the very delightful boogie-dancing guest-dj, The Sundance Kid.
Our experience tells us that our parties tend to evoke a shining, irresistible feeling of love to people and music.
Music, people, whatever turns you on, it will be there waiting for you!
See you there…

Venue: Tech-house Sessions no. 1 presented by HMWL
Place: Retro, Norra Skolgatan 24 Malmö
Time: Saturday on the 3rd of april, 22-03 FREE ENTRY


what we play by neca

Where are the after hours by sundancekid

About Alex Esser:

DJ, surfer and entrepreneur residing in Malmö, Sweden. HMWL label daddy. My music network is always open. Holler at alex@hmwl.org