Welcome to the Weekend!

It’s Friday again and it’s time to get ready for the weekend. And the weekend starts here at HMWL (and at Radio 1) with some new tracks to prepare you for the forthcoming parties.

With WMC just around the corner (check out the interview with Tiger Stripes posted earlier this week) a lot of the DJs and producers are waiting with the releases. Because all of them want their track to become the big hype and talk of WMC 2009 (last year it was e.g. the new mix of ‘The Man with the Red Face’ and a lot of other super tunes).

The first one is a tune, that isn’t that new, but it’s got a good summer vibe (and there is a new remix made by some bloke called Pete Tong and the infamous Mr. Spoon which is absolutely sick). Instead of posting some weird remix of this track (the Tong one isn’t anywhere to be found) I will give you the original and let you decide if the track is of any value (and maybe do your own WMC remix). The original has sweet guitars and some lovely vocals, and it’s made by one of the hottest producers in Latin America called Carlo Dall’ Anese. (Think of the beautiful sunset over Miami Beach when you listen to the track!)

Carlo Dall’ Anese & Fabio Castro – Monday

The brand new Gui Boratto album is called ‘Take My Breath Away’ and includes several of the hottest tracks at the moment (in my opinion). But there is one special track on the album that I immediately fell in love with. It’s called ‘No turning back’ and has a similar sound as the track above. Very melodic, incredibly uplifting (although the vocals are a bit emotional) and extremely hot!

Gui Boratto – No turning back

Check out the track made by both Carlo Dall’ Anese och Gui Boratto (from 2007)

//Utile Dulci

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