Valentine’s Mixtape!

I’ve prepared a little Valentines special for you today. What I did was to enter the supreme forums of and downloaded a couple of mixsets and handpicked the single best one. It’s amazing how many guys and girls out there who make the sweetest sets and upload them. An ever-renewable source of lovely high qualitative mix sets.

Anyway, Steve Found is a British bloke whose technical skillz are gargantuous, and I fell completely for the mixed genres in the set. He also threw in one of the biggest electronic classics ever, and it really works. Awesome stuff! Check out his radio live show on

CBR: 256kbps 119MB Duration: 01:05:06

1/ Goblin – Suspiria (Main Title Theme) *intro edit
2/ Corrugated Tunnel – Careful What You Wish For
3/ Metro – $1.15 Please
4/ Henrik Schwarz – Walk Music
5/ Mathias Kaden – Moron
6/ Jello Biafra – Message To Our Sponsors *overlayed spoken sample
7/ Martinez – Angvalt
8/ Hexstatic – Communication Breakdown
9/ Dave Brennan – Drink Deep (James Zabiela Remix)
10/ Spencer Parker – Chilo (Jerome Sydenham Blaktro Dub)
11/ Moby – Go
12/ Olympia – Art FX (Art 3)
13/ Pascal Feos – The Wizard
14/ Sleeparchive – Track 3 (taken from “Elephant Island EP”)
15/ SanthiAgo – Life
16/ Sleeparchive – Track 2 (taken from “Hospital Tracks”)
17/ Little Nobody – Juice + Jelly (Schlock Tactile Remix)
18/ Zomby – Liquid Dancehall

/Ridge F.

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