The Night Vibes of Malmö:

Malmö by Elisabeth GajSoundcloud is probably the best thing that happened to the online end of the electronic music scene since Myspace. The fact, that more and more musicians store their music on the cloud, also benefits the music blogosphere. Most of you guys hanging out on must agree that the soundcloud player is the sweetest thing for listening and downloading tracks compared to the Music Repostory Services 1.0 such as zippyshare, speedyshare, zshare, etc.

(Personally, I don’t believe that Myspace will last to see 2011, unless they make some major useability changes. And that – NOW)

The next cool thing after SoundCloud a.t.m. is Citysounds was relesed by 2 cool Swedish dudes just two month ago.  The site uses the Soundcloud Api to aggregate the music uploaded from different cities around the globe and sorts the tracks according to their origin. London, Los Angeles, Berlin and New York are definitely leading the charts. But since I spammed all my local musician contacts on Facebook, our own city of Malmö (for all you outlanders: 3rd largest city in Sweden, all the way down South, just across the bridge from Copenhagen) started to climb the charts and is going strong at the 102nd place as we speak 😀

So all you of you local Djs, re-mixers, producers, singer/songwriters who are reading this. No matter where you are, but especially if you are from Malmö. Make us proud. Upload a couple of tracks to Soundcloud (5 uploads a month are for free), and make sure to tune in to

City Sounds of Malmö

(Or to the vibes of your own city, wherever that might be)

Post- thoughts:

1. I’m still waiting for Soundcloud-to-Hypemachine aggregation.

2. I hope that the citysounds guys will be releasing some widgets for streaming the tracks from one particular city on other websites, blogs, etc

3. The most popular genres of Citysounds – Malmö are Techno and Electronic. What happened to the love for house?

Go find your favorite city!


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