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My name is Kad and I’m your new bloger. I’m a 22 yrs old DJ from Malmoe, Sweden. I’ve played in several clubs and have some awesome mixtapes on the net (well the mixes is not so awesome but the music is). When I play at home i use Traktor 3 Studio, but I only play CDs in the clubs. Pioneer CDJ800 is the shit :P.
My main object here in this blog is to bring som mainstream music for you people. The music that everybody will dance to, not only house lovers like ourselves. So I’ll start with a couple of highlights from the past 2-3 months and with time we’ll catch up with todays latest beats. I forgot to tell you, I’ll mainly put up youtube links for the songs. I don’t want any labels sewing my ass you know. 🙂 And ofcourse as respect for the DJ/Producers who have givin energi and love to bring such tunes 😀
So at the label Songbird is a doughter label to Black Hole Recordings and for you who doesn’t know there’s some pretty awesome Tiësto music coming out of that label.
Now, I like to present one of my favorit songs ever from one of the most awesome producers/DJs ever: Deadmou5. The tune is called Clockwork and it’s something between deep house and trance, this kind of music makes me so happy knowing that theres some great minds out there making tunes to satisfy our ears and brains with.
Well now to a tune I never really liked but this mix blew my mind. You all know The Cube Guys – Baba O’Riley but this one is mixed by Arno Cost & Norman Doray. I heard this one the first time when Fedde Le Grand came to play here in Malmoe, but Fedde didn’t play it, but the awesome warm-up DJ called Samuel Jason and it did an amazing impact on people. You can see it in my youtube video right here, fast farward to 2:12.
This next tune is a legendary club tune, I wasn’t sure if mainstream people would buy it on the flore but then I soon realize that they f*cking love it. The label is Net’s work Recordings and they”ve released beats wellknown names such as Funkerman, Fedde Le Grand, Jerry Ropero, Steve Angello and the list can be really long so here it is: A beat made by Axwell with a little bit help from his buddy Bob Sinclar and leadsong by Ron Carroll and we have What a wonderful world.
We’ll start with those and I promise to bring some new tunes next time. And remember, this is my first time bloging about music so don’t be hard on me! Take care.
Peace, love & beats/Kad

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