Sunsetshaker is back – Volume 8

We might as well stop making our own mixtapes, this guy is way ahead of us in any case.
Check out volume 8, it’s getting better and better. Gotta go partying in Athens this summer.

SIS 74th – Sunsehtshaker Vol 8

1.Hibernate-The Feeling (Dub mix)
2.Genetik-In Memory (Bart B More remix)
3.Budai & Vic-All Night Long (Original mix)
4.Matt Sanders-I Don’t Want To Be (Original mix)
5.Silky Sunday-Friend (Jerome Isma-Ae remix)
6.Manyus and Dario Guida-Stardust (Main mix)
7.Jonas Steur-Simple Pleasures (Ben Preston remix)
8.Dave Oldershaw-Prism (Rudi Stakker mix)
9.Electrobios and Sheeple-Map Quest (Blendbrank remix)
10.Keepers Of Melody-Fuck The Funk (Sergio Matina and Dario Assenzo electronic steps mix)
11.Karada Merayah-Gipsy (Funkovic Le Benz remix)
12.Luke Chable & TV Rock-Happiness (I’m Hurting Inside) (Eddie Thoneick mix)

Hmwl crew

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