Sunday Sweetness


Boys and girls!

Another lovely sunday in the Swedish capital. Although the weather is a cloudy, it is an excellent day for a walk. The leaves are turning brownish and yellow, increasing the enjoyment. While strolling on small paths with gorgeous views, I’ll most definitely listen to this track on repeat one. It is one of the freshest tracks I’ve heard in months, by the versatile Gregor Tresher. It’s been a lotta talk about him recently – not without reason. Enjoy!

Gregor Tresher – Awaking Life Inside (Break New Soil) by Great Stuff

Gregor Tresher @ Beatport

Found this gem also, from the amazing Henry Saiz, one of Digweed’s favorite remixers (check out his version on Gridlock). I would be cheap if I didn’t share it with you guys. And I’m not cheap (obviously). Check it out, ladies and gentlemen. Awesome stuff on Renaissance.
Madre Noche by Henry Saiz

Henry Saiz @ Beatport


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