Sunday Chill


I’ve always had a sweet spot for drone, i.e. atmospheric beatless ambient, like electronic whale music. Two of my favorite tracks of all time within the genre is from Biosphere and Steve Roach.

Biosphere operate from the extreme cold climate above the arctic circle in the most-northern part of Norway. The sound is arctic. ‘Poa Alpina’ is his best track, imho. I always feel a great calmness inside when I hear it.

Steve Roach is the grandfather of soothing drone, he’s been doing it since the late 70’s. His stuff are always wonderful and interesting. I plucked one of many great tracks from him – ‘Begin Where I End’. (I always listen to Steve’s music when I’m going to bed).


Ps, Want s ome more? Check out Drone Zone at! Ds.

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