Soundcloud Sweep


Hey you!

I just finished a sweep on soundcloud and picked up a few gems, as always. And as sharing is my motto, well … you know.

First off is our favorite German, Lützenkirchen. Despite going a bit more soft this time around, he still delivers. Every time. Cheers! Released on Great Stuff. And it is … erhm, great stuff.

Luetzenkirchen – Borderline (Great Stuff) (taken from Ghost Me EP) by Great Stuff

Well now, I just couldn’t let you off with a softer. So complementing with this energizer. Umek is back, and with additional style. We love you Umek! Let’s marry. And dance.

Umek – Work This Data by Umek

Lützenkirchen @ Beatport
Umek @ Beatport


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