Saturday Mixtape – Sunsetshaker vol 7

Hey friends!

Guess what, our own favorite Greek is back with another ass-whoppin’ mixtape for all y’all. So turn up the speakers, start zippin’ on that sweet Bloody Mary (indeed!) and turn up and tune in, and your night will be the best in 2009 (at least so far..).

If you have the possibility (i.e. if you live in northern Europe), also take a trip down to Retro in Malmö to check out the freshest house music on the northern hemisphere – yours truly and Skyjacker will keep the party pumping between 23 and 03. No entrance fee, mind you.

Anyway, check this piece out, boys and girls. It’s smashing!

SIS74th – Sunsetshaker VOL. 7 (Zshare/Podomatic)
1.The Cube-Can We Still Be Lovers (Mossy meets The Cube remix)
2.George F. Zimmer-Departure (Original mix)
3.Norman Doray-Krystal (Original mix)
4.Audible-Forever (Original mix)
5.Johan Wedel-Cantello (Original mix)
6.Muzzaik-The Brooklyn Story (Lexicon Avenue Remix)
7.Ben Preston-Nervous Breakdown (Manual Addicts Remix)
8.Second Left-Leave
9.Ben Preston-Open It (Original mix)
10.Jaytech-Vela (Original mix)
11.Tyler Michaud feat Elodie-Break The Rules (Manuel De La Mare vocal mix)
12.Liam Goodwin-Chiriqui (Caytas & Patz Remix)
13.Jay Lumen-Calypso (Original mix)
14.Victor Slate-Summer Lights (Original mix)

/Ridge F.

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