Saturday Mixtape – Joel Smiel

Joel Smiel and Dj Junior are Malmö’s answer to Stockholm’s Stureplansmafia. Well, since everything in Malmö is far more laidback, less commercial and less shallow, same goes to these guys. As an observant clubber you can spot this Chip’n’Dale-like duo behind the mixer at one of the comercial houseclubs in Malmö: Etagé, Buddha Lounge, Crown, Skeppsbron.

Ocasionally they lock themselves in the studio. And not without a reason. Their latest remix/mashup on Richard Grey‘s Thriller and I shot the sheriff, got support from Richard himself and will be released on Pacha Records later this month. Under the longest name ever in the history of house: Richard Grey – Thrilling the Deputy (Junior and Smiel Club Dub). Too commercial for my taste, but a release on Pacha will get you far in the dj world.

Anyway, here is the mixtape:

Joel Smiel – January Session

1. N/A – Scat This (Acapella)
2. G&G – Personal Jesus (TV Rock Remix)
3. Mark Knight and Funkagenda – Man with the Red Face (Siwell & Simone Vitullo Remix)
4. Deadmau5 – So There I Was (Original Mix)
5. Josh Blackwell & Miss Babayaga – Fairy Tale (Original Mix)
6. Broombeck – Mono Turn (Original Mix)
7. Housegezeichnet – Escape (Vocal Mix)
8. Dibby Dougherty – Movement (Jay Lumen Remix)
9. Who’s Who – Klack (Inpetto Remix)
10. EDX – Casa Grande
11. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Prok & Fitch Golden Shower Remix)
12.Matteo DiMarr – Darkness (Original Mix)
13. Cevin Fisher – You Got Me Burning Up! feat. Loletta Holloway (Dj Chus & D-Formation Remix)
14. Tiger Stripes – Midnight Monkeys (Original Mix)
15. Josh Gabriel – Tone Program (Style Of Eye Remix)
16. David Penn feat. Daren J Bell – Revolution (David Tort Remix)
17. George Delkos – Deftoner (Original Mix)
18. D-Unity – Rhythm District 101 (Original Mix)

And if you by some strange god-forsaken reason are planning not to check out the mixtape, watch this video, it will definetely change your mind.

It’s Joel and execpt for having a cool hoody he’s live mashing Prydas Läget? with Evough with my reflection acappella on top. That’s what I call Dj-skills. I’ve got better crowd control though =P


P.S. A bonus containing two cool Joel Smiel tracks – Savannah and Gifts for Me is hidden in the comments. Great stuff!

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