Saturday Mixtape: House Music WIth Love Vol. 3

Party People!
Another saturday, another mixtape. But not the ordinary stuff, no, once again time for a sweet podcast from your favorite blog. Today it is me, Ridge forrester, who has the honor of putting out my mixset, for you, dear reader. I’ve been working on this piece for a while now. I wanted to something a bit different, not the ordinary mix song in out, but rather let the songs merge in a greater degree. I wanted the busy and intense sound, instead of the clean and undisturbed. There are not many parts where only
 one song is playing, and long periods with three songs simoultaneously. 
Please enjoy. Feedback always appriciated.

House Music With Love Vol.3 Mixed by Ridge Forrester
1. M83 – Couleurs (Original Mix) mashed with Soda Inc. – Night Fever (Jon Silva Remix)
2. Fine Taste – More Grey Than Blue (Original Mix) mashed with M.I.K.E. – Nu Sensation (Dumb Dan Remix)
3. Coburn – We Interrupt This Program (Raul Rincon Remix) mashed with Marrakech – Sundown (Original Mix)
4. Marrakech – Sundown (Original Mix) mashed with Steve Mill – Wipeout (Johan Vermeulen Remix)
6. Cristian Smith – Friendly Skies (Original Mix) mashed with Daniel Portman – Costa Brava (Helvetic Nerds Remix)
7. DJ Tatana – Spring Breeze (Martin Roth Remix) mashed with Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez – Precious (Original Mix)
8. Dousk – Blender (Original Mix) mashed with Jean Elan – Shake Me (Original Mix)
9. Quivver – Chasin A Feeling (Shifter & Carvell Remix) mashed with Paul Keeley – Run To You (Original Mix)
10. Tim Davidson – Love You Bye (Daniel Portman Remix)
11. Özgur Can – SPara Mig (AGS Live Remix) mashed with Tocadisco – Shrine (Tocadisco Club Mix)
All mash-ups by Ridge Forrester.
If t_mix > 0.65t_song then
   name = mash-up
   name = mix
End if
/Ridge Forrester

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