Promo: Mondkopf – NUITS SAUVAGES


Paris based Mondkopf has been droping some fantastic, crunchy, experimental electronica lately. Most of his stuff is available only on vinyl, but some goodies have actually slipped through the music industry’s comercial gates all the way to beatport.

The forthcoming Nuits Sauvages (Wild Nights) EP will be out on Citizen Records April the 27th.
Here is one of the five lovely tracks.

Mondkopf – Les Oiseaux De Balthazar

Gotta love the techno base, the church clocks and all the weird samples that show up here and there.

På tal om Balthazar, jag spelar skivor på Balthazar i Malmö ikväll, en djupdykning i djuphousedjungeln med trevliga människor och skön belysning.

Mondkopf @ Myspace
Citizen Records @ Myspace

See you people tonight!


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