Promo goodies from Soundcloud and beyond

We love our Soundcloud. It’s the perfect tool to receive tracks and hook up with other musicians all around the globe. Don’t forget to drop your tracks into our dropbox on the right. They might just get featured here.

The problem is that except for the Soundcloud account, we also got a Myspace profile, a Facebook group, a MOG account, an E-beatz profile, a Twitter, a Podomatic, an Itunes Podcast, a Fairtilizer and a mail-box recieving about 20 new messages every day.

Are we the victims of modern web 3.0 society? Where, instead of chilling out and drinking tea with your friends to the beats of Jimi Hendrix vinyl, we get stuck alone in front of our computer monitors entangled in the spiderwebs of the social networks we (involuntary?) became parts of. Is the art of social interaction dying? Are we all becoming computer freaks with a prefered virtual identity rather than a live one? I hope not, what do you say?

My main message to all the wonderful, creative people trying to contact us on any of the above services: Be patient, we’ll get back to you sooner or later. (P.S. You are most likely to get our attention on FB or Myspace).

Here are two deep, techy, hypnotic tracks I found on the Soundcloud/Our Mailbox:

Rupert Romaro is a cool guy from UK, producing vocal quality house. A bit cheezy for my personal taste. La France grabs he tune, kills some vocals and put’s Sandy Vee’s bleep on top of it. The result is a pure master-peace bootleg to crush any dancefloor. I like.

This is a brand new techy & deep remix by Brazilian based Dj Quadrini. Great for afterhours. If you, like my good friend Eric Browne love to spin semi-minimal techy stuff at underground clubs at 5.a.m, this is a tune just for you. Check out the 3:30 break. Magic.

Hope the winter is over soon!

About Alex Esser:

DJ, surfer and entrepreneur residing in Malmö, Sweden. HMWL label daddy. My music network is always open. Holler at