Pioneer CDJ-2000 hits the market


Pioneer proudly drops the next generation of their main cash-cow CDJ1000. And it does sound fantastic.  Except for the regular CD-format the new deck supports a bunch of music and video formats wherever you decide to store them on a DVD, USB-stick or a SD-card. Plus a massive LCD-display for the music library browsing makes you wanna leave your CD-case at home.

I’m a bit sceptical about the Reckordbox software. After all Pioneer is a hardware company, and Dj-decks and mixers are what they are good at. But hey! Full midi-compatibility with Traktor, Serato and Ableton means that you can lock up you time-coded cds and most importantly the external soundcards (no more fights between Serrato and Traktor DJs) and connect your computer straight to the CDJ2000 deck.

The only drawback is that one of these babies costs you €1550 ($2150) and will probably take ages before they appear at your residency-club.

Product specification.

Thanks to Dennis for the link.


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