Paul Van Dyk – Best of Album out now

My journey into electronic music started back in 2000. No mp3s back in those days, it was all about original CDs. I used to bartend in London back then and spent most of my hard earned money on buying trance and house albums at HMV and trying to catch PVD, Tiesto and Matt Hardwick in action every time they were having a DJ gig in London.


Paul Van Dyks Out There and Back was one of the first trance albums going on repeat 24/7 in our appartment in Bayswater back then.

I have to admit that PVD have been delivering high class music since then, adjusting his style and evolving in his production skills for good ten years now. Today he releases his Best of Album called Volume. Packed with lot’s of original club classics plus a bunch of PVD remixes. This is a must check-out for all you kids out there who want to get down to the roots of today’s club music.

Paul Van Dyk – Volume (Best of) @ Itunes

What I really don’t undestand is why he released this stupid “DJ” application for Iphone. What selfrespecting DJ’s supposed to pull out his Iphone in the middle of a set and start fidgeting just to make sure that the Seismetic levels are right? Give me a break please.

[youtube:] What do you say about this App? Bra eller Anus?


U2 – Elevation (PVD Vandit Club Mix)

Peace and Love!

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