Parrrrrty times…

Colossal forces are in movement this weekend…
…despite my epic cold straight out of Midnights Children.


First out is the Sweden’s new party community WOWOW presenting nobody less then Alice in Videoland and my main man Bacid from Detroit Calling on the Turntables.


If you going out just one night this weekend, make sure to check this one.

Retro 2009Me and Gun for Hire are mixing things up down at the city’s finest basement club formerly (and still) known as Retro.
Update you calendar:


Mega Made

You can pay. And Cue. And sweat. To check David West in action at (hopefully) the last session of Made.


Finally. Nöjesguiden, Sweet Fred and a bunch of other creative people are occupying (probably without any permission what so ever) the Willys supermarket basement for one night only, turning it into a proper old-school Rave. The king of underground Techno – Martinez himself – will be flown in in a golden helicopter, just to parachute straight down into the DJ-booth when the clock strikes 2 past midnight. Big up.

For all of you from out of town: Ignore this message. Or move to Malmö. The girls here are extremely cute and easy.

//Skyjacker supreme

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