Orient Express + Coldplay

My good friend and blog colaborator DJ Ridge Forrester is writing some major exam today. He works slowly but steady on his future career as PHD in meteophysics. Believe it or not, the dude is on a way to become a professional meteorologist. Can you imagine him announcing tomorrows weather after 8 o’clocks news on some prime channel? hahahahah.

Anyway. Since we at House Music With Love are now running our own club in Malmö and on top of that have gigs here and there on weekly basis, we are becoming quite good at DJing. Lot’s of people are emailing/calling/instant-messenging us lately, asking about particular tracks we slamed on top of the dancefloor “the last night”. Lately there’ve been huge demand on one quite unknown remix of The Night Train that Ridge’s been playing a lot this autumn The remix everyone has been asking for is Chris Kaeser Orient Express and since Ridge is busy, I took a freedom to find a link for you guys. The track has a fantastic bouncy baseline that will move your feet in some crazy dancing patterns no matter if you want it or not.

D.O.N.S. & DBN feat Kadoc – The night train (Chris Kaeser Orient Express mix)

The Orinet Express remix is from late 2007. Now instead let’s check out something brand new. It’s a bootleg by Mikael Weermets that landed in my inbox just a small while ago. A well done remix of Coldplay’s White Shadows (3rd track on X&Y album for all you sinner who won’t listen to coldplay). This track has an equally catchy, bouncy bassline and will definetely be played a lot at underground clubs around Scaninavia this year. At least by us.

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