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Hey, I’ve been working my ass off and that’s why I haven’t been writing those past days, but know you’ll experience the full force of the Kad :P

You know me, I like music that works for everybody in any main floor. This is a discovery made some time ago but I thought I share it anyhow.

What is it called, when you can’t get any sleep? Oh right, Insomnia. Faithless old school sound you know. Don’t we all just love it? Well before I go in to what track I’m sharing I just want to tell you guys something.

I know many of you know all that stuff, but think about all the new house fans who want to know. House music is inspired by older music manly Pink Floyd & Jean Michel Jarre (this is not official) and many of those awesome producers today remakes music from late 80s and all the 90s. There are some tracks that are more obvious than others like Robin S – Show me love (Laidback Luke & Steve Angello). And others that are more sophisticated and not as obvious.

Back to Faithless. You know Let it go by Dirty South, take this awesome tune, mash it up with Insomnia and you got a really cool dance floor tune that will make your audience go wild. D.O.N. Tekk mash up, here I present to you: Dirty South vs. Faithless – Let It Insomnia (D.O.N.Tekk Mash Up)
Dirty South @Beatport, Dirty South @MySpace
Faithless @Beatport, Faithless @MySpace
Dirty South Vs Faithless – Let It Insomnia (D.O.N.Tekk Mash Up)

Alright, more old school mixes coming, you probably don’t know the original track, and for you who knows it, you’re gonna love this remix. This remix came out about a year ago but it still rocks the floors because mainstream people haven’t heard it yet. This is Promised Land by Joe Smooth.

Prax Paris @Beatport
Joe Smooth @Beatport, Joe Smooth @MySpace
Prax Paris ft. Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Sandy Vee extended remix)

Until next time my friends,
Peace, love & beats/Kad 

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